Michelle's Misadventures

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

We're in Hollywood, baby!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

The first scarf that I've knitted!

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Kelly checks out the mini bar.

Erin, Michelle, and Kelly at the reunion

Iowa family reunion July 2006

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Monday, April 24, 2006

Time flies...

I'm so bad at updating this thing. It's already the middle of April; I can't believe it.

So, what's new with me. Sue is engaged! It's about time she found a decent man. So many frogs to kiss before you meet a prince, right? She came in over the weekend and we did a lot of wedding stuff. Got my bridesmaid dress and shoes, she got shoes for herself, and assorted other wedding items. We also went to The Elbow Room in Chicago on Saturday night. We saw a friend of Lance's perform. His name is Brian Walker, and he was AWESOME!!!! This is especially surprising since I usually don't like music if I don't know it. Sue and I liked every song, and he wrote almost all of them on his own. We even bought his CD. You really should check out his website:www.brianwalkerlive.com He has a few of his songs on there and you can listen to them.

Sunday, January 08, 2006

It's January again?

I can't believe it's the beginning of yet another year. As usual, I've gained a few pounds, so I'm back on Weight Watchers. Maybe I'll keep it off this year. RIGHT.

I went to BC for Christmas, of course. The pictures below were taken at a party at Travis's house. It was an intersting get together, to say the least.

Travis and Chris; (hmmm, wonder which one of them had the "special" brownies).

Chris says, "Happy Christmakkuah!"

Michelle and Chelle

Chris and Lance

Chris and Chelle

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Chris at Navy Pier.

Oreo at Easter; he found his basket!

Meijer Gardens

At Meijer Gardens in Grand Rapids.

Chris at the corn maze near his house.

Michelle and Oreo


Sunday, October 16, 2005


I really have to get better about updating this thing more often. Well, what's new you ask. After six long years, I am FINALLY leaving Hewitt. Yes, it's hard to believe, I know. My last day will be 10/21, and my official "going away" party is at Champps on 10/19. I will miss the people I have gotten to know over the years, but I certainly won't miss the job or that place. Hewitt has definitely taken a turn for the worse over the past few years. I'm taking a week off between jobs since I won't be eligible for a vacation until July 2006. I start the new job on 10/31; guess I won't forget my anniversary date easily. So, I'm going to be working at Walgreen's Health Management division, and I'll be an Operations Coordinator. Sounds pretty good, doesn't it. Jewell is probably like, "Walgreens! WTF!" :) It's more money, and there has got to be more room for advancement than at what I'm doing right now.

My dad is doing pretty well since his surgery. His sense of smell is almost non-existant, and he doesn't have much of an appetite. Where can I sign up! He has more energy, and he can see well enough to drive since he got a new pair of glasses. My mom has ulcers from all the stress. My grandma is still in the nursing home, so I think that's for the best.

I'm trying to motivate myself to relearn Spanish so I can "hablo" with others.